Prem. items!


-Cinderella Coin purse(mint condition,never been used.Kinda wrinkled coz stuff in my closet,but NEW~!)
-Raa Raa Trinket box
-SugarBunniesTM christmas tree decoration(cute!)
-LPS pencil top
-Cute Butterfly clip(Nearmint condition,never been used,so trade now ASAP!)

CUTE bear dollar keepsake box.Blue bear with a transparent glass in her tummy,a dollar badge there. 

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Added to:

Cinderella Poster

Premium items:
Sanrio Kuromi fan pen(has a fan!)

Cute stuff:
sushi erasers

Thanks a lot!

reccomended sellers and stores

Clear_Twilight :Cute stuff,great pricing-oh well!I love these.
Stormfaerie :Sell lots of lot,furoku,toys,and'll loan your time seeking for stuff here
Jelenity :Great zenins,cool phone cards,garage of shitajiki and trading cards,and...cute cells and sketches too!
garagesaleleann :Where can you find a planner for $4?Looking for goods and freebise!Shop here!
Chibichiiruchan :Cute stuff and kawaii items..prefect for trading too!
Immortallis :Kawaii goods and stationery!Asian candies!grabbies!lots!The cure for kawainess feeling.

You can take a look at their store.If you had some specific items you wanted to serach,go here .People there would love to help you!



For Trades-kawaii flats

I've fill out and made a new lot.Please comment if you are interested.All are one instcok!

-Hello Kitty Light Up Trinket box
-Cute cat metal pin(good!nearmint condition and never used.Packed in a heart shaped plastic box.)
-Cute pencilcases(DP,M&M,WtP)
-Kawaii and cutey PPG pins
-USB chains and leashes*
-Minima!English comic book

Ultra Kawaii-special items:
-2 rolls of kawaii deco tapes
-Mystery goodies-satisfaction guaranteed!All Kawaii*
-Celeb stickers*
-Cute sharpeners-apple sized,heart and clock sized!
-KAWAII 100% filepapers!Like charmmy kitty,sylvester,pretty white,tweety,etc.AW!

Kawaii Flats(flats:cute items in sized of lottery tickets games,sticks,posters,cards and others flat.)
-Happy Bithday cards-cute!
-Kawaii Feelings cards(like 'wish you were here','blessing for a beautiful friendship',etc.with cute animal pics too.)
-Yellow memo cards
-fluorescent lights(comet and crated planer)
-DP and cinderella ruler
-Stencil rule
-Cartoon Network stickers(2 sheets)
-HKDL playtickets
-Paddle Pop playstciks(LOW STOCK.)
-Fruits Basket!bookmark
-Vampire Knight Memo
-Mini kawaii notepapers set
-Tiara Club' bookmark
-Celeb posters
-PPG stickers(1 was missing)
-Qantas animal drawing stencil

PLEASE BEAR IN MIND that I will send you a surprise for every trade!1 cute filepaper and a surprise snack!
Please state your details if want to trade:
Item(s) to trade:

Name:Nadya(please st. real name)
Item:celeb posters
item to trade:VK memo

Extra!People who wanted to trade with my wishlist items will get an extra special goodie!
Shugo chara furoku wishlist include:
-Shugo Chara colored bullet pencil
-Shugo Chara amulet cookie compact
-Shugo Chara candy pen
-Shugo Chara amu eraser
-Nakayosi file

-Nakayoshi furoku bags
-Youkai Navi Runa pen
-Saboten Secret Zen-in

*Item design varies

get ready to scream,vk fans!


I'm selling goods here:
<no pic>

The set is $5,inclusive of;
-VK mini memo featuring yuuki and kaname kuuran.
-Heart bling-blings' for your handphone,camera,gadget,etc.(self-adhesive)
-Cute ruler with stencils(included in the ruler)

-cute papers inclusive of notes,weekly plan and addres paper.
-FREE of charge:Fruits Basket bookmark!

please comment.1 in stock


Magnetic Masterpieces!
Go to

Condition:Well,plastic kinda wrinkled(stuffed in my drawer),shipped,without box,and never been used.Never been played within anybody,clean and complete.

Shipping prices:
I ship worldwide,and shipping within the US is free.International,please ask for your country.

Accepting google checkout( at my account only accept credit cards with complete information on payment.Major credit cards accepted(ex.Amex,visa,mastercard)
for paypals i do not reccomend/offer you.I didn't really always check my pp account so sometimes it took a longer snail mail payments or concealed cash,it's unneccaptable for your and mine's safety^^

I will ship on workdays within my freetime.
General rules: cashback/refund
2.I'm not responsible for any loss/damage or stupidity of the post office.I will send your items as soon as I can.
3.Payments and details must be complete.period.

special details:
Your comment will be screened so no one can view it except me,for me and your safety.
you can order from me and there is only 1 in stock!


Somehow I felt bored with butter and cream.So I take it off.Strawberry twist is today released!!!hooray!!
I had a new comic I made.It's called 'xxx'.A tale about a sexy and chic senior high schoolerO.o
She had a BF called 'devil prince'.Herself is called 'princess bee'
She had also some gangs who hate her,well-and vice versa.Her other friends:
Momo Shinasawa-known as 'ms. Techno'

Poki Hanawa-called as 'Lady MK'(make up)

And the luscious gold hair girl and nature lover,who was fake named as 'Little Ms. greenfingers' goes to:Lala Minoru.

Momo,Lala and Poki is the gang of the council at school.Lala as secretary,Poki as treasures,and Momo as the vice president.But OMG-the devil prince is picked as the new president,despite the old ones had move!!!
And then her GF,princess bee,is chosen as the secretary by prince!Will the greenfingers place destroyed by the princess bee?And then find out a fairy in her dreams-Suki.
Name of:
prince devil-Rocco Manabe
princess bee-Miki Nanami
This story is compost with love,romance,friendship,school life,mature adult.....and bittersweet love.
Warning!you may read the story.But I made the comics a bit ecchi,and some contents violence.Please bear in mind that these comic/story is  not for children!!!


I would like to post a fanfic called 'strawberry twist' which is a romance one.Details:

Title:Strawberry Twist
Genre:Romance-shojo-school life
Author:Cherrish angel
Chapters:starting 1
Reine Still is just an ordinary college girl.One day,she met a pale boy,which named Koto.The next day she found out that a new student in her school,called Koto.She's very happy because it may be,Koto,the boy who met her.But in despite Koto is a handsome boy who is a junior novelist-not a pale and plain Koto she met at the street.Then she founds out that Koto that he mets on the street is her own cousin who lived in Brazil,though she never meet him during a family reunion....
And then Reine's mother recommend Koto to study at Maple leaf college,which is Reine's campus!But Reine is not happy.She can't married Koto her own cousin.She picks the way,to forget and ignore Koto her cousin.So,she starts to have a realtionship with Koto,the novelist!But things were'nt going fine.Koto(cousin)'s parents passed away in a train accident.Because her mom is her only sibling-Koto is now a member of Reine's family!They start having fun,and she doesn't know Koto(friend) is seeing and knowing all her actions...she could'nt stand it.Will Reine pick her loving cousin,but forbid to love him,or her boyfriend who loves her very much,a smart person without waorrying anything to be forbid?
Find out...

other fanfic by angel:
First love at sunflower garden

comics by her(not yet published...only for fun):
butter and cream

(no subject)

I'm finding this furoku...

-Fruits!basket! planner(or any other planner) for prices  around $8
-eraser sticks,below $5
-mechanical pencils

If you have one,please inform me,because I really want to buy it...