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Magnetic Masterpieces!
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Condition:Well,plastic kinda wrinkled(stuffed in my drawer),shipped,without box,and never been used.Never been played within anybody,clean and complete.

Shipping prices:
I ship worldwide,and shipping within the US is free.International,please ask for your country.

Accepting google checkout( at my account only accept credit cards with complete information on payment.Major credit cards accepted(ex.Amex,visa,mastercard)
for paypals i do not reccomend/offer you.I didn't really always check my pp account so sometimes it took a longer snail mail payments or concealed cash,it's unneccaptable for your and mine's safety^^

I will ship on workdays within my freetime.
General rules: cashback/refund
2.I'm not responsible for any loss/damage or stupidity of the post office.I will send your items as soon as I can.
3.Payments and details must be complete.period.

special details:
Your comment will be screened so no one can view it except me,for me and your safety.
you can order from me and there is only 1 in stock!

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