cherrish_angel (cherrish_angel) wrote,

For Trades-kawaii flats

I've fill out and made a new lot.Please comment if you are interested.All are one instcok!

-Hello Kitty Light Up Trinket box
-Cute cat metal pin(good!nearmint condition and never used.Packed in a heart shaped plastic box.)
-Cute pencilcases(DP,M&M,WtP)
-Kawaii and cutey PPG pins
-USB chains and leashes*
-Minima!English comic book

Ultra Kawaii-special items:
-2 rolls of kawaii deco tapes
-Mystery goodies-satisfaction guaranteed!All Kawaii*
-Celeb stickers*
-Cute sharpeners-apple sized,heart and clock sized!
-KAWAII 100% filepapers!Like charmmy kitty,sylvester,pretty white,tweety,etc.AW!

Kawaii Flats(flats:cute items in sized of lottery tickets games,sticks,posters,cards and others flat.)
-Happy Bithday cards-cute!
-Kawaii Feelings cards(like 'wish you were here','blessing for a beautiful friendship',etc.with cute animal pics too.)
-Yellow memo cards
-fluorescent lights(comet and crated planer)
-DP and cinderella ruler
-Stencil rule
-Cartoon Network stickers(2 sheets)
-HKDL playtickets
-Paddle Pop playstciks(LOW STOCK.)
-Fruits Basket!bookmark
-Vampire Knight Memo
-Mini kawaii notepapers set
-Tiara Club' bookmark
-Celeb posters
-PPG stickers(1 was missing)
-Qantas animal drawing stencil

PLEASE BEAR IN MIND that I will send you a surprise for every trade!1 cute filepaper and a surprise snack!
Please state your details if want to trade:
Item(s) to trade:

Name:Nadya(please st. real name)
Item:celeb posters
item to trade:VK memo

Extra!People who wanted to trade with my wishlist items will get an extra special goodie!
Shugo chara furoku wishlist include:
-Shugo Chara colored bullet pencil
-Shugo Chara amulet cookie compact
-Shugo Chara candy pen
-Shugo Chara amu eraser
-Nakayosi file

-Nakayoshi furoku bags
-Youkai Navi Runa pen
-Saboten Secret Zen-in

*Item design varies


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